Thursday, March 1, 2012

As We Go On, We Remember

My husband, kids, and I recently went to a high school basketball game. It's not because we're super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super-super (go ahead, count 'em) seniors but rather because 1) my husband has a ridiculous amount of city pride, 2) we have a boy who is starting to like sports, and 3) I'll do almost anything to get out of the house these days (obviously). Anyway the game was a blow out - if that's the term that's used to describe when one team beats the other team by a lot of points. So, I spent most of my time people watching. And as I was people watching the high schoolers I realized how glad I am that I am no longer one of them. There are many reasons. Here are a few.

  • I don't have the energy, drive, time, or desire to try to make myself look cute every day. Every single girl had on cute clothes AND had a cute hairstyle AND had on makeup (I had gotten ready myself, but that's because it was a rare outing for me). And did I mention it was only Tuesday?

  • A school dance is coming up. But for me there is no need to think of a fancy way to ask someone (this is just a Utah thing, I know), no need to worry if someone is going to ask him out before me, no need to wonder if he'll say yes. Now, I just ask the ol' hubby to take me to dinner and he says yes. Easy peasy.

  • Acne. My days of acne are behind me and my days of wrinkles are still ahead of me. Yeah!

  • I forgot how hyper high school folk are. I haven't felt hyper in over 10 years. And I quite like the mellower state I'm in.

  • Every time I'm around large groups of high school kids I always think "was I that annoying?" The answer, sadly, is yes I was.

  • Drama. Drama, drama, drama.

I feel old.


  1. We did creative dance asking in Idaho too and it was always a really big deal...big elaborate ways of asking people. I too am glad it's done, though it did seem so fun while I didn't know any better.

  2. If there was an award for loyalty to your town, I would vote for the both of you. Also, I like to think I didn't try half as hard to get ready as these girls today do. But even if I did, it makes me feel better to think that I didn't :)