Thursday, March 15, 2012

All is (Not) Safely Gathered In

Like most good LDS families we have fretted, panicked, felt guilty over, and have been overwhelmed by two little words. Food Storage. Hearing those words strikes my heart with much anxiety. However, I decided (again) to roll up my sleeves and get to work. We received an emergency food storage book as a wedding gift (gotta love the Mormons) so I cracked it open.

It has a nice little chart of basic food needed for food storage and how much you'll need based on the number in your family. Number four on the list was pearled barley and based on my family size I need nine pounds. I have two concerns with this: What kind of meals do I make with pearled barley? And more importantly what the heck is pearled barley?

I'm still trying to find out why I only need 36 pounds of flour but 86 pounds of sugar. That seems a little mixed up to me.

And do I really need 12 pounds of lentils/split peas? Because currently we eat approximately 0 pounds of lentils/split peas.

Of course, flavored gelatin (read Jello) is listed as an essential food storage item, but I only need to have 4 pounds of that, which seems doable.

4.5 pounds of mayonnaise, however, seems a bit much. Unless all this time I should have been using it as a side dish rather than a spread.

Needless to say after reading the book for about 5 minutes I find myself back at square one. Overwhelmed, confused, and oddly, hungry.

If I had a million dollars I would buy those freeze dried, ready made, "gourmet" meals that come nicely packaged and cost more than 5 years worth of groceries. Well, I'd buy that right after I bought a vacation home. And a new car. And a few other things.


  1. You need to store what you will eat. Otherwise it will go to waste when you need to rotate and that is just a waste of money and time. I'll be stocking up on M&M's and Froot Loops. Now that is food storage!

  2. My mother in law is the queen of food storage. I'm pretty sure she actually has about 50 pounds of pearled barley. My goal is to just live close enough to her in case we ever need food storage :)

  3. Ha-ha. I loved this post! The only thing I know that comes from barley is beer....not sure if that would be helpful or not. :)