Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Words We Really Should Have Reconsidered

I’m a fan of the English language, I really am.  But I’m convinced that "those who made up words" for this language must have been a wee bit tipsy when some of the following words (and other words I haven't thought of) got the go-ahead-and-use-me-in-your-day-to-day-conversations approval. 

1.)   Moist-  Really?  Is there no other way for us to describe our most delicious baked goods?
2.)   Pantyhose- Pantyhose are neither my underwear nor my gardening tools.  So this word is really coming from all the wrong places.   
3.)   Mustard- I like mustard, but I may not like it so much anymore now that I realized the latter part of the word sounds like "turd". 

My four-year-old can make up better words that these.  As a matter of fact, he did:

1.)   Serbert

What does “serbert” mean?  It means that when it’s foggy you can get mad and then take a nap.  Duh. 

2.)   Doodie head

Doodie head is the name you call someone when you are making up names to call people.

3.)   Forlane Soldier

Forlane Soldier is what you call super hero action figures you don’t know the names of. 

Maybe he’ll be the one to come up with 2012’s version of 1999’s “dope” or 2005’s “sick”.  OHHHH SNAP!


  1. I pretty much hate all anatomically correct names. Where did they come up with them? Blah. Maybe I'm just not mature yet.

  2. I've been looking for a word that describes when it's foggy and I get mad and take a nap! Thank your son for me.