Monday, February 20, 2012

When Personal Training Gets Too Personal

Don't the people in this picture look happy working out? Don't they look like this is the best part of their day? This is most likely because her trainer is not her husband.

I love my husband. We have a ton of fun together and we have so many things in common. However, I think every couple has some things that are better, left out of marriage. We have a few things. Once, the hubs took me Salsa dancing for my birthday. The night ended with him not speaking to me and me crying the whole way home. Another thing we can't do together? Play board games, one-on-one. It gets WAY too competitive. In a group, we love it!

I had a baby a little over a year ago. I have been trying to get rid of the baby weight for a while. My exercise consists of running. I run to lose weight. I run to have a few minutes to myself each day. I run so that I can eat butter without worrying about heart disease.

After baby #1, running worked great to lose weight. After baby #2, not so much. So like any woman, I whine about my weight and my flabby arms. My husband kindly said, "Your way doesn't really seem to be working. How about you try it my way?" Nice, huh? So, I reluctantly agreed. We have been going to the gym together. He plans my work-outs (which consists of a lot of weight lifting). He even keeps track of everything on a spreadsheet. I have to give him credit for his organization. However, like any husband, sometimes he says the wrong thing.

Example #1.

"Babe, I don't think you can call it baby weight after a year. I'm pretty sure it's just fat now."

Example #2.

Husband - "Why don't you go do the StairMaster for a few minutes. It will make you have a great butt."
Me - "Don't I already have a great butt?"
Husband - "Yeah, but it could be tighter."

Example #3

Me - "I think all of this weight lifting is giving me those huge, scary, strong-girl muscles."
Husband - "Well, once you lose the layer of fat on top, your muscles won't look so big."

I am starting to think that a personal trainer might work better for me. I think I am just a little too sensitive to hear criticism from my husband. Even if it is well intended (and stupidly put).

What have you had to cut out of your marriage to keep the peace?


  1. I hear you! After baby #1, the weight just came off with moderate activity. After baby #2, it took two years!! Now after #3, I'm just happy to be within 10 lbs! You just keep on keeping on, and just ignore what the husband says. He doesn't get it!

  2. Oh man Linz, this sounds like an episode right out of my marriage. Exercise is a constant point of contention. Another one is working together at all in any form. Once while trying to make dinner together it ended with me throwing a gravy covered whisk at him and storming to the bedroom (real mature, I know). Home renovation time is equally frustrating as is moving furniture. I think it can be explained by the fact that he thinks grunting, shoving, and telepathy count as adequate communication/instruction.

  3. The thing that is really annoying is that because they're men, it seems like all they have to do is think about loosing weight and they do! They burn more calories and don't have to work as hard. Lame. Stop working out with him. Work out with me! (when we are in the same state.)

  4. I work out with my husband, too. It has it's moments, but for the most part it works for us. Mostly my husband is full of crap, so if he says something I just ignore it. OR BLOG IT!!! Haha. So, put those earphones in, ignore him and do your thang. ;)

  5. Unfortunately this advise is too late for you, but if you never work out to begin with then your husband (or anyone for that matter) will never have any expectations on how you look. It's worked great for me.