Friday, February 24, 2012

Time to Tally!

Ever wondered who has the most power is in your relationship?

Yesterday, I encountered a couple where there was no question. I was in a Primary School giving a singing lesson to four little girls when in walked a set of their parents. They smiled pleasantly, and I noticed that the woman was quite attractive and dolled up – high heels, make up, big hair – and the husband was fairly plain. The woman clicked and pointed to where they would sit, and down they sat. Then I heard her tell her husband to get her a drink (no please or thank you required, apparently). As soon as he returned with water, he asked if he had any spending money this week. She replied with a flat “No.”

Clearly, she wears the pants in that relationship.

So what about you? Who wears the pants in your relationship, and how can you be sure?

Well, after consulting the most reliable sources on the net… you know, online quizzes and Wikipedia… I think I’ve found the perfect set of questions to consider:

1. Who is the most attractive? Apparently this is the number one determiner of who wears the pants. If you’re hot and he’s not, sorry, but you might be wearing your husband’s pants.

2. Who made the first move in your relationship? Did you hold his hand, or did he hold yours? Who kissed who? Think about it… because that person is indeed in control of all pants-ful-ness.

3. Are the friends you spend time with your friends, his friends, or mutual friends? If you’re in control of all friend activities, it might be time to loosen up your pants a little.

4. Who earns the most money in your relationship? If you have a large trust fund with high yield interest or are a high paid employee, you may in fact be emasculating your husband.

5. If you have children, who is the disciplinarian? Do you or your husband make the big calls on things for the kids? Maybe he doesn’t even know you had kids because you don’t let him out of his room?

Alright, so there you have it. Tally up ladies! How did you score?

I guess, if you’re connecting a chain up to his dog collar whenever you leave the house, you don’t really need to take the quiz. But then, you already knew that…


  1. That's funny, actually. My husband and I are fairly equal in the marriage. But I always let him take a little bit of the upper hand because I don't want to emasculate him. Then I wouldn't love him as much if he weren't a man. But, of course, I am the more attractive one in the marriage. (insert sarcastic tone) ;)

  2. Great post! I would like to say that we are equal, because that is the way it should be, but minus making any money, I think I may be guilty of being a little controlling. Whoops! Maybe time to relax the reins? Ha!

  3. great post! I'd like to think I run a tight ship at our house, but the truth is, we are pretty equal. But maybe I'll have him start wearing one of those shirts just for fun!

  4. I would rather be a bachelor than be in a marriage with a woman like the one described in the first paragraph.