Saturday, February 18, 2012

They Are Just Cupcakes, After All

What's the deal with cupcakes? It seems that the cupcake is the dessert trend of the moment, and I for one have only ever found two places that can make them superior to the average home baker.

Place #1:
Best Buns Bakery in my neck of the woods, Arlington, Virginia. If I had one complaint about them, it would be that they are huge. But if you get them to share, they are heavenly.

Place #2:
The Sweet Tooth Fairy with several locations throughout Utah. I've never had a bad one from this place.

I recently returned from a trip to NYC with some friends where we stopped off at Magnolia Bakery to sample some cupcakes. Yeah...not so much. You'd be just as well off stopping at your local grocery store. I'm starting to think that all a cupcake establishment really needs to make it is a catchy story or a cute little shop. Magnolia has the cute little shop thing going, but not the product to match. And yet, the place was packed.

I've also had a subpar product from CakeLove. Story goes that this guy was a lawyer and quit his day job to make cake. They've got the catchy little back story thing going (although I think he really used his lawyering skills to franchise, so is it really JUST about "loving cake." I doubt it.), but yeah, the cake was not spectacular. In fact our cupcakes were frozen! Yes, they may be made "from scratch" but who knows when and where they were made.

AND how is it possible that there are 3 TV shows devoted to the cupcake? I mean, it really is only a cupcake. Who wants to guess what the next big dessert is? My money is on the tart.


  1. You are right. Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes are nothing special. The real star of the show at Magnolia is the banana pudding. It's amazing and I will wait in line for it any time.

    Apparently pie was supposed to replace cupcakes last year as the trendy dessert, but I didn't really see it happen. Maybe this year? Pie 2012!

  2. I just went to a wedding where they had these teeny, tiny bundt cakes. They were darling. And delicious! I am hoping for those. Although, pie would be a more interesting twist on the dessert market.

  3. They are adorable, but I don't like them myself. I'd take a cookie or a brownie over a cupcake any day.