Saturday, February 4, 2012

On My Soapbox: COSTCO!!!

I sort of hate it when Utahns complain about Costco because I am here to tell you that Costco in Utah is a pleasant experience compared to Costco in Metro DC. Last winter, while living in the Beehive State, I would sometimes just go to Costco with my kids to get out of the house, peruse books, and try a few samples. The aisles are wide and the service is friendly. (Seriously. People who work at Utah Costcos always look like they are having fun.) And, I don't care if you go the day of the BYU/Utah football game, any Saturday, or even the day before Thanksgiving. It's still a pleasure. A real treat if you will.


(A real picture, taken by me)

Mind you, it was a Wednesday. At 11:00 AM. Not a special Wednesday. A very normal one.

Not only that but when you come to my Costco, you have to pick up a parking ticket. Assuming you find a place to park (in super tight stalls) at all, you then have to take said parking ticket with you, show the parking ticket attendant your receipt, and then he'll validate it. But if you happen to drop and lose this 2x2 inch paper parking ticket (say while you reach in your pocket to pull out your phone), they'll charge you $20. Unless of course, you can scavenge your way back through hoards of people, with your three kids in tow, and magically find your parking ticket in the produce section after 30 minutes of searching.

This also happened to me this month...TWICE!

So Lindsay, why do you continue to go to Costco if you hate it so badly?

I don't know!! I would explain it if I could, but at this point, I don't really know what my life looks like without Costco. Cheap formula and diapers for starters. If someone could find me some good therapy, maybe I could beat this addiction.

So the next time you're at a Utah Costco, I want you to stop and check out every LDS book there and admire all the local temple art you can, and know that in the big city, they've replaced this section with wine. Lots of it. Be grateful Utahns!!


  1. Oh, the DC Costcos....I do not miss those!! I used to go early to avoid the crowds, but then you miss the samples! I am loving the huge parking spots all over Utah....that are free. It is heavenly.

  2. Wow, I had no idea... Grateful for Colorado Costcos!

  3. Oh, I'm jealous! Look at the size of those carts! Ours are half the size. We have no walmart, Costco, 'super' anythings. I'm sorry, but at this point I'd be happy just to have one... Even if horrifically busy.

  4. I'm surprised they even have a Costco in DC. I mean, I didn't think people had more than one kid there so what would the point of excess food be?? You should be the only one in the store! The Costco down here is great! So, when you come down to visit, we'll make a stop there so you don't have to go to yours.

  5. Amazon Prime all the way. No wait. No hassle. Cheap stuff. Free delivery. I'm a commercial.

  6. Amazon is great for the diaper situation for sure, but it doesn't really help with the formula (I've checked) and food. I'm sorry for your crazy Wednesday! I do not envy you!

  7. Ahhh, but your Costco has chocolate sculptures of the Capitol and the Pentagon. Who can say that?

  8. P.S--And I second the Amazon opinion. If you're not a couponer, then I'd sign up for Amazon Mom (it's free) if I were you. Then you can get diapers really cheap, and the shipping is free.