Tuesday, February 28, 2012

N is for Nursery

If you are new to the blog, or new to noticing me in real life, I am very pregnant.

In fact, almost every Sunday the primary president says me to with the cherriest face, "I just can't believe you are pregnant!" I really don't know how to respond to this. This whole pregnancy thing has been eight months in the making. These things don't really come out of the blue for most people.

So most of the time I say, "Yupe, isn't it great? We're so excited." And she almost inevitably says, "Well, we'll release you soon. It can't be easy to be in here." Which I think is very similar to when your visiting teachers say, "Well, call us if you ever need anything" because here I am, still in the nursery.

There is one really awesome thing about being in the nursery right now, okay maybe two:

1. I don't have to sit in hard uncomfortable chairs for three hours which is a HUGE bonus for my HUGE belly/bum/aching back. 

2. We have snack time
Snack time is actually more appealing to my husband than me. He affectionately calls the stale marshmallows "white rocks." And let me tell you what...the kids BEG for "white rocks" weekly.

Everything else is terrible (don't worry, the church is still true and the leaders are still inspired, just sometimes clueless):

1. Kids have snotty noses. They also droll. And they lick things (this is usually very gross and very funny at the same time). 
Try as I might, even with plenty of pretty "Bug Free is How We Want to Be" posters, we still have sick kids and I am ALWAYS catching their cooties. Stuffy nose + no lung space + anemic pregnant woman = constant mouth breathing and gasps for air. Super attractive people.

2. Kids love story time. 
And when you're two years old story time is incomplete without lap sitting.  Even if there are 17 of you, you will all struggle to find flesh to sit on. Because I have no lap these days the kids have resorted to sitting on my feet or wrapping their arms around my neck and hanging on me. I read stories more for my entertainment than theirs. They are pretty crafty with how they perch themselves.

3. Clean up time is a doozy. 
I don't bend so well anymore so this means I have to sing the "clean up song" extra convincingly and LOUDLY and directed at specific children or all the Mr. Potato head parts are doomed to scatterdom.

I'm not one to ask to be released. Really, I cringe at the thought of having to do it. ...So can one of you call my visiting teachers and tell them they could really "help me out" by dropping a hint the primary president.

Thank you and bless you.


  1. lol you're better than me! I had sunbeams and at 7 months just started calling in sub's every sunday... they got the clue ;) Hang in there, it wont be too long now!

  2. I'm the only person in the church who loves nursery! But yeah, pregnant it's the pits. Hang in there!

  3. I love nursery, too. In fact, I pray almost every Sunday that they will put me in. I also pray every Sunday that I won't get pregnant anytime soon. Haha! :)