Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Guest Post: Remembering Childhood

We are excited to have Emily guesting today on PST!  Linz and I met Emily in the BYU 105gazillionth ward.  She is loads of fun and has beautiful hair.  Thanks for coming, Emily!

I’m excited to be a guest on this blog, so thanks for having me ladies of Pear Shaped Thoughts!

Last week my family and I went to a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party for our friend’s little boy. The last time I went Chuck E Cheese was when I was around ten and it was my brother’s birthday party. It’s pretty remarkable that Chuck E Cheese hasn’t tanked yet isn’t it?  I guess there must be something to those flashing arcade games, pizza, and creepy robotic animals dressed as humans. Go figure.
That got me thinking about some interesting things from my childhood that I haven’t thought of in a long time. Like…

Goosebumps books
Do kids still read these? I can clearly attribute my fear of dolls to one of these books. I think there was something about an old trunk in an attic and a ventriloquist doll that came alive. At this point I’m unsure of the book’s actual story line; my nightmares of him murdering an entire family in the middle of the night took over.
Which brings me to…

Troll dolls

Why did I love these?  When I was six my best friend gave me my first troll doll.  I made a little shoe box house for it and a little bed where I tucked it in at night.  A few months ago I found him/her in my parent’s basement and took a look at it again.  I came out wondering how the marketing meeting went for those things; “We’ll make little troll dolls that resemble old men and we’ll give them bright colorful hair. Little girls will LOVE them!” 

Oregon Trail

There’s a new version of Oregon Trail you can download if you want, but could it really live up to the original?  First off, how crazy is it that went to the computer lab to play around on computers during school? It wasn’t even recess and Oregon Trail wasn’t an educational game in the least. No, instead of something instructive we played a game where characters (that you no doubt had named after your best friends) were slowly pecked off by dysentery, cholera and snake bites. Remember when you got to hunt?  Up on the screen it would say, “Great job! You shot 1,954 pounds of meat, but… you were only able to carry 100 pounds back to the wagon.”  That game really was the best.

Again, why on earth did we collect these? I never even played the game, I just collected them. My super slammer had a skull on it- I have NO idea what possessed me to have a super slammer in the first place, but one with a skull on it? Oh gross.
So that’s a short walk down memory lane. It’ll be interesting to see what things go on our children’s lists don’t you think? Those annoying Zhu Zhu Pets? Those are going on there for sure. 


  1. Great post! Gave me a good giggle and few of those not so fond memories. ; ) thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh man, Oregon Trail was the best! Wow, I really was a dork.

  3. I am old! My childhood things were different...but POGS...I remember wondering what was the DEAL with those things?!

  4. Oh, how I loved troll dolls. Especially the one I got when my mom was pregnant with my little brother. It was a troll that, you guessed it, was pregnant. Talk about gross.

  5. I loved that oregon trail game! Oh and the goosebumps books are still read by children today just yesterday while at my oldest daughters class listening to presentations up jumps a boy and says the book I read was goosebumps! We all asked him if it gave him nightmares and he said only for a couple of nights.