Friday, February 10, 2012

Generation Y – The Sucker Generation

It seems I don’t go a week without an invitation to some kind of party. I am not suggesting that I am uber popular. In fact, I’m a sucker. And here’s news for you – we all are!

Makeup, cleaning products, lingerie, scrapbooking and card making, chocolates, plastic ware, educational books, self help products and movies. Apparently, anything can be a party. What's next, cucumber parties? And there’s multiple brands selling these products.

People are typically suckered into having the party at a similar party they attended earlier. Then, they invite others who attend because they’re nice and are suckered into buying something. I cannot tell you the amount of times I go to these parties and scour the brochure to find the very cheapest thing to buy just to support the person. Then a few people at that party are suckered into having a party at their house at a later date, and the cycle continues.

I don’t know about you, but I only really remember Tupperware, Avon and Amway from when I was growing up. These days, it’s a massive part of our lives. Why the explosion? What is it about Gen Ys that makes them the sellers, buyers, and promoters of every product imaginable? Why are we such easy targets for advertisers?
We are suckers.

And that’s that!

PS. I’m not a party hater. In fact, I go to lots of them and love it! And that my friends, is part of my sucker instinct.


  1. I refuse to go to those parties!

  2. The party thing was HUGE in my late twenties and early 30's. I really don't get invited anymore, but maybe that's cuz I'm old or maybe we just don't have them anymore.

    I sell Mary Kay, but I don't do parties. I'm sure my business would do better if I did, but they really are a pain in the butt to get people away from their homes to come try on make up and skin care. I have a ton of samples, and they can try them from home. 'Enough said...

  3. It's not a real party if something is being sold. Friends don't sell to friends.

  4. I'm all about hanging out with friends, it's the sales people that rub me the wrong way. I go in with a bad attitude to begin with and leave even more annoyed. I seriously need to work on that :)