Thursday, February 9, 2012


There's no way around it. I'm Frugal. Yes, with a capital F.

Sometimes it's good because I save my family money. For example, I like to buy used furniture and paint it - saving hundreds of dollars. I also like to make my own baby food also saving my family hundreds of dollars (or maybe one hundred dollars total, I don't know).

But sometimes it's bad because I spend more money. How, you ask?
Example 1:
I like a certain kind of powder foundation but I don't like the price, so the last time I needed to restock on this makeup I bought a cheaper alternative. It didn't work. So, then I bought a different cheaper alternative. Also, didn't work. By this time I had spent more than I would have buying the brand I already knew I liked. And then, of course, I still had to go to the store and buy it. Yes, the waste of money made my stomach hurt.

And sometimes it's bad because I waste time.
Example 2:
I hate when food goes to waste, but sometime when you buy things at Costco, say a large container of grapes, you end up with more food than your little family can consume in a short amount of time. So what did I do with the wilted grapes? Throw them out? No, because that would be practical. I cut them all in half so I could feed them to our chickens. It took up 20 minutes of the approximate 30 minutes of down time I have each day. I also save every apple core so we can feed them to our horses. Even though a bag of brown apple cores in my fridge is less than appealing I sleep better at night knowing they aren't sitting in my garbage can going to waste.

Ironically, although I am cheap and like to save money I have yet to venture into the world of couponing. Talk about intimidating and time-consuming. I have better things to do with my time, like rinsing used paper towels and hanging them out to dry. Kidding. Maybe?


  1. Well, you know, I just saw an advertisement for reusable paper towels. Seriously, good for 5-7 uses...

    I coupon, but I'm not one of those crazy couponers. If I save 5-10$ then I'm feeling pretty good.

  2. Frozen grapes are great time you buy too many :)