Monday, February 6, 2012

Famous Hair

My love of hair started at a young age. I love all of the different colors and textures and I love the possibilities. I love looking through celebrity gossip magazines for new ideas. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have your very own stylist? One who knew exactly what would look best on you? What would bring out the color of your eyes? One that would flatter you when you are carrying a little extra weight?

Sadly, I am just a regular girl, without a stylist. So, I have to make my own decisions. Sometimes they work out and sometimes the don't.

When I was 4, I decided that Cyndi Lauper was probably the most beautiful woman on Earth. I loved that funky look she had going on. While my mom was gone one evening and my older siblings were supposed to be watching me, I decided to cut my hair. I wanted that asymmetrical look. So, I cut one side of my hair to the scalp. I thought it was fabulous. My mom did not. She had my hair buzzed so that it would be even. In my preschool class picture, I was on the back row with the boys. You would never know that little boy in the back row actually had butterflies embroidered on her corduroy pockets.

When I was 13, EVERYONE had the "Rachel" haircut. Naturally, I did too. However, what 13 year-old actually does her hair very well? The cut may have been this, but it certainly never looked like this.

The next celebrity I tried to mimic was the lovely, Victoria Beckham. I have to say, I rocked this one. I LOVED being super blonde. I think the only reason it worked out was that I lived in Utah at the time and we all know they have the best stylists. Plus, I didn't have kids yet and I had the time to spend 40 minutes on my hair each morning.

A few times in my life I have been told that I look like Natalie Portman. (However, someone once told me that I look like Tyra Banks. So, I'm not sure how reliable people are when they tell you that you look like a celebrity.) Anyway, I figured, if I looked like Natalie Portman, her haircut would look great on me! Wrong. It did not. We all know that I don't have any boobs. So, somehow I made a full circle to looking like a little boy again.

My last haircut, I decided on the following. Pretty cute. It worked well, but I'm over it. Since I live in Utah again with amazing stylists, anyone have any good celebrity haircut suggestions?


  1. I think you should go with the buzz again, and start over! Who knows where it will end up from there, but it will be fun to see!!!

  2. I remember the Victoria Beckham hair cut! You did look fabulous with that one!

  3. And I was hoping for pictures in the above mentioned hair styles. I would go to Utah just to get my hair done. I have the most amazing friend who does hair. She really knows her stuff.

  4. Cyndi Lauper was the first concert I ever went to in Middle School. I thought she was amazing. As for the last hair cut there, I think it is uber cute and you should stick with it.