Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I consider myself a fiercely loyal person (as so do all the personality tests I've taken since I was fourteen). That is why when I bought a new car this weekend, I nearly cried.

It is a very nice car. It has everything we were looking for. We spent over a year shopping for it because we, and by "we" I mean my husband, are OCD about getting a good deal.

I try to comfort myself with the memories of my old car. It was the car I got in high school and loved loved loved loved loved. It represented freedom, trust, and leaving the house whenever I wanted (back when going to the grocery store was fun). I realize that now it's time to pass the car on to my younger sister and I wish her all the same feelings joy and attachment I have felt.

But I still can't swallow the feelings of betrayal every time (it's been one day now) I drive by my old car, sadly parked on the side of the road because there is no room in the garage for it. The old car isn't yelling accusations, it's too good for that.

But the new car practically gloats (see actual image below). And that's what hurts the worst.

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  1. Your unhealthy attachment to cars reminds me of my dad. He had a van since the 70's but once the floor boards rotted out, the oil leaked out of it continuously, and it couldn't shift out of 1st gear my mom made him get rid of it. Well, he just ended up driving it to his work one day (with me following closely behind) and there it sat for over a decade slowly sinking into the gravel. Unhealthy, I tell you.