Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unlawfully Dressed

I recently read about a bill trying to pass in Louisiana to ban the wearing of pajamas in public. How big of a problem is this really that we need a law to forbid it? Even in WalMart, where crazies like the following are sometimes spotted,

it seems to me that this is probably only going to rain on the parade of pre-teen slumber parties.

Plus, where do we draw the line? Do sweats count as pajamas? Work out clothes? If so, we are in trouble Utah County.

What are your thoughts? Where should people be allowed to go in the pajamas or grubbies? I never feel guilty going in my home renovation clothes to Home Depot but the post office is pushing it.


  1. Hey, I'm currently in my sweats. I feel fine about it too.

  2. Well crap. Looks like I'm going naked if they outlaw sweats.