Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Today I'm a little concerned that I'm not more concerned about January 3rd finding me without a list of resolutions.

My husband asked me what my goals were for the year. I thought long and sincerely and replied:

"Have a baby."

He said that didn't count because it's going to happen goal or not, but I say we all need a little guaranteed success now and then.

I'm usually so energized by the idea of making a new list (grocery list, to-do list, baby name list, etc) that I jump at the chance to write some goals down.

It's not that I didn't consider other goals, they just seem so trivial (or likely to fail). Maybe it's another symptom of pregnancy brain Kasey mentioned, but I'm pretty stumped. I'm just going to say that I'm maturing. My life and all in it is a swirling vortex with the baby in the middle.

How many of you make goals every year? Do you remember them the next year? Or better yet, keep them?

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  1. I've learned that when I list goals at the new year, I tend to list everything I hate about myself, and then I just fail. So this year I decided to just be a little better in every area: church, home, parenting, health. So far it's not too daunting. But then again it's January 3rd.