Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Spoons Full of Sugar

I know I talked (albeit briefly) about my distaste for this time of year in my last post, but get used to it. I haven't hashed this out enough just yet. I wish I had a birthday, anniversary, or some event that would make this month appealing, but I don't.

So what do I have this month?

I have Mary Poppins constantly blaring in the background of my daily chores. It was a Christmas gift for my girls, and they love it... a lot.

The other day, I was about to have a pity party for myself (the kind that involves chocolate and island dreaming) while folding and putting away laundry, when I heard Mary herself singing, "a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down," and I was struck with the idea that


Actually, no I can't. But I can have a better attitude about January. I just need to find things to make my days seem more exciting.

So here's what is making my life more exciting at the moment:

1. Painting Old Furniture:

I've decided that I'm painting our dining table a light blue color. Don't ask me why I decided on light blue. It just needs a little something and when a non-classic piece of furniture hits the "outdated" phase, it's time to look at it in a new way. So depending on how it all turns out, I may or may not grace this blog with a picture of this adventure.

2. The Miss America Pageant

I know. I'm a terrible person. I've decided to skip The Bachelor this season (I'm as shocked as you are) after being thoroughly bored by the first episode. So where am I placing all my sarcastic energy? That's right. You guessed it. I just can't help myself. The pageant is tonight on ABC. Check your local listings, and trust me; you don't want to miss it, unless you're not a terrible person.

3. Lindsay Brin's 4 Week Free Exercise/Nutrition Portal

I have stuck more or less (let's not count the holidays) to my post baby fitness plan, and I have told you about Lindsay Brin's workouts for moms in the past. If you go to the Mom's Into Fitness website you can try their workout portal with nutrition tips for free for 4 weeks. Basically, you get a 30 minute workout emailed to you weekly based on your nutrition goals. I'm in week 2, and I'm starting to feel like Lindsay and I are best friends. She really does make the most out of 30 minutes.

4.Every 4 to 6 Hour Jane Austen Movie Out There

When I'm needing a little something to entertain in the winter, these are great. I adore the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice. I cry happy tears every time I watch the 2007 BBC Sense and Sensibility, and I love the 2009 BBC Emma. If you're at all sappy, romantic, and into British stuff, you'll love em.


  1. Wow, wish we were having the old Miss America party. I could use something to get through January too. However, the Utah weather this January has been fantastic; blue skys, no snow,(not so good for the ski resorts, but great for the winter blues.)

  2. A- I totally missed the Miss America pageant. I'm oh so sad about it, and B- that Lindsay Brin girl...I hate her. No, I've never tried her workouts or nutrition plans and such. I just see her picture, and I hate her.