Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm Admitting My Nosiness For Your Benefit

Back story: Last January the three of us bookclubbers (Erica, Kasey, and Lindsay with a shout out to AT) got together to start this blog. What was it going to be? Who was going to write? How often are we going to post? AND what is our name? These were all choices that we actually got together to make. We considered several possibilities for names. One of which was "Runny Mascara." It was clever and sort of snarky (like us). Why did we decide against it in favor of our "Pear Shaped Thoughts?" Because we didn't always want to be "LOL, mascara running" funny. Yes, sometimes we are funny. But sometimes we are random. And sometimes we are serious. Sometimes we are serious and funny all in one post. We didn't want to be a one trick pony. We wanted variety. Because variety is the spice of life. So today...I am NOT funny. Because little do you know that in real life I have a softer side. (Or maybe I just wish I had a softer side so this is my attempt to convince myself that I do.)

My new favorite past time is to listen to Sheri Dew or Ruth Todd do interviews on a program called "Conversations"on The Mormon Channel.

My husband downloaded the Mormon Channel App on my phone, and it remained unused until this week, and now I can't get enough. At the heart of my desire to know more about the lives of the Apostles and other cool people in the church is nosiness.

Nosiness is a blessing and a curse for me. It's what made me quit facebook, because the nosy, like me, could spend an entire day looking around to see what people are up to rather than showering, cleaning, or doing laundry.

In this case, it's a blessing. I have read a thousand short bios on the apostles, but I have never heard from their wives. Which has been super fascinating. They ALWAYS talk about being a mom and the lessons they learned. I love hearing about Julie Beck arguing with her daughters over practicing the piano, or about how Elaine Dalton didn't love church with young kids.

Are you kidding me? Perfect people don't always have perfect lives?!! What a revelation.

You can hear these interviews here.


  1. I quit facebook. It leaves time for more worthwhile endeavors. I think I'll check out the Mormon Channel...

  2. I think I'll try this app out. Thanks for the suggestion!