Monday, January 30, 2012


I think we have a new epidemic…..a widespread disease known as technology rudeness.

Am I the only one on the planet without a smart phone or an iPad? This is just like when everyone had those curly, neon shoelaces that I always begged my mom for and never got. Anyway, I sat in church a few months ago and looked around and nearly everyone was taking notes on their iPads. I think it is so great that we have so much technology. We have information at our fingertips any time, any place. I realize that most of the devices we have are fairly new, which means the etiquette hasn’t really been ironed out yet. However, I think most of it is just common sense. You should really know better in most scenarios. Sadly, I have seen all of these, first hand. (These are just for church. I’m not going to go into everyday etiquette. I do have a life besides this blog.)

*Please don’t be mad at me while I saddle up my high horse.

1. It is not appropriate in any circumstance to make a phone call or check your voicemail during sacrament meeting. If it is an emergency, go out into the hallway.

2. The games on your phone should not be used to entertain your child during sacrament meeting. Teach your child the skills they need to listen and sit quietly. Honestly, by the time your child is old enough to play games on your phone, they are old enough that they shouldn’t have to be entertained 24/7.

3. The games on your phone should not be used to entertain yourself during church. If you are playing golf on your iPad during church, you probably should have just skipped church and gone to the golf course. That is where your heart is anyway.

4. I have seen this one multiple times. I think it is borderline inappropriate to video tape your child’s talk during primary. Yes, it is cute. Yes, it may be his first talk. But it is distracting to everyone in the room when you are trying to get close enough to capture the sound and cute faces. Just sit down and enjoy it!

5. You don’t need to check your Facebook or email during church. If you can’t go 3 hours without doing so, your friends may need to stage an intervention, because you really need help.

6. Turn your ringer off during church. Didn’t we all learn that 10 years ago?

7. You don’t need to check sports scores during church. Isn’t that why the DVR was invented?

I realize I may have come across a little harsh. What do I know? I don’t have a smart phone or an iPad. Maybe I am stuck in the stone age? Maybe I'm just jealous.


  1. I COMPLETELY agree! I don't have a smart phone or iWhatever though either. It drives me insane. BUT, I will say this: My husband is in the bishopric in a single's ward and so that means that I get to wrangle my two year old by myself. I am often grateful for the kind student who hands over their smart phone for her to play with when she has been naughty the whole meeting with no successful distraction. She doesn't know how to play the game, but it's enough to keep her quiet for 5 minutes and give me a break in a 3 hour wrangling show. But everything else I agree with. And when she is older and knows better I know I'll feel the same way about all of them.

  2. So TRUE!! I see it everywhere! So SAD! Another change in iEtiquette needs to be those who talk, play, text on their phones all through dinner, lunch, etc., with friends or family! I see that all the time too, and it is a bit ridiculous! I try to keep it in mind when I am with others. I think I do pretty well with it! But then, I don't have the coveted iPhone or iPad! Anyway, great reminders for us all!

  3. First of all, I adore my iPhone. No really, it's the best gift I've ever gotten, and the fact that I don't have to lug my scriptures and several manuals with me to church (because I already have to bring a lot of stuff for my kids) is heavenly. So I'm all for people using their iToys for scripture and manual purposes, but I'm with you on the game thing. I think everyone would be offended if I pulled out my DVD player and put on a show during sacrament meeting, yet I see people let their children play games all the time. Yes, it's hard to have to wrestle children at church, but the Friend magazine is way more appropriate than your phone or iPad. Think about it.

  4. I have an iphone, yet I concur with you completely. My husband can't go 1 hour 10 minutes without checking the score on the games and THAT drives me crazy. When I was in high school, you know, way back in the 80's, I had a friend who's dad had a handheld TV. That was the coolest back then, he was way up on technology and he probably has an ipad today, but I digress. He would find an empty classroom or sit in his car and watch the Denver Broncos games. So, really, it isn't a new problem, just more widespread.

  5. Yes, sometimes people become a little too attached.

  6. I completely agree! Like others above, I too have an iPhone and an iPad. IF they go to church with me, they are silenced and used only as scriptures/manuals, or I'll punch in a date to remember on my calendar so I don't have to carry home yet another paper handout that will unfortunately get lost. Also, my kids may play with my iDevices at home but they never use them at church. I even have church related children's apps on my devices but they do not get used at church. The standard coloring books or church books do the trick. I don't understand the texting during church either. I think its disrespectful to those who have prepared talks or lessons. Pay attention folks, its three hours out of your lives, can't you drop the phone for it?

    I don't think your post is harsh. I agree with it. I can't believe someone actually FILMED their child giving a talk. YIKES!

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  8. Maybe we should start having the Adults put their cell phones/smartphones in a basket at the beginning of church like we do for the YM/YW for 3rd hour :)

    And one comment on a comment (from Erin): As wonderful as it is to have your two year old entertained during church by someone offering up their smartphone with toddler games, could the gesture have been even kinder if they offered to take your child for you for a few minutes or came back to sit with you?!?! Just a thought.

  9. Amen and amen. Discussed these exact things this morning actually.

  10. Jami- You are right, that would be MUCH nicer! But no one has offered in 9 months. Soooo, I take what I can get :) Beggars can't be choosers. Also, it does not happen every Sunday. I have a bag of tricks and several outings to the hall before I succumb to someone else's help. I'm surprised there aren't other moms out there who have virtually no help on Sundays, or who can even imagine what that would be like. 5 minutes is nice, I won't lie. I agree that older kids shouldn't, but my 2 year old is NAUGHTY, even at church. (That probably reflects on my parenting- let the judging begin!) I thought by posting someone might think that there could be extenuating circumstances. But I'm probably in the wrong. I'm not offended at all by the post, or even by the comments- in fact I agree! I was just offering my opinion on one part.

  11. I agree. It is annoying. Especially when the culprit is your husband.