Monday, January 16, 2012

Black Men's Pants

I think everyone appreciates a good embarrassing moment. I have lots of them. Probably more than most people. I am naturally brunette, but my sisters always tease me that I should have been blonde. Enough set up, here is the story.

When I was 16, I worked at a clothing store in the mall. A husband and wife came in. Like any good saleswoman, I approached them and asked how I could help. The husband said, "We are looking for black men's pants." I stared at him quizzically and then said, "Sir, they don't make pants especially for black men. Anyone can wear them. Anyway, why would you be looking for them? You are white."

Yes. I actually said that. Cringe.

The wife was nearly doubled over laughing behind her husband. He kindly restated his question for me. "No, we are looking for men's pants, that ARE black."



  1. Thank you, today, for making me laugh. There hasn't been enough of that in the last few days. Love your posts!

  2. That is one beautiful story.

  3. Oh, that story mades me laugh again and again, and I have heard it a few times before! This time, seeing it in writing, made me laugh that much louder! Tell us more!!

  4. How embarrassing. Did those people actual buy from you!? I'd have died laughing at you, right there!