Friday, January 20, 2012


We have lots of firsts in life.

First breath. First sneeze. First bath. First laugh. First tickle fight. First dance. First time falling over. First time falling over in front of boy you like. First grade. First visit to the beach. First lost tooth. First time you realize the tooth fairy isn’t real because you see your dad putting the dollar in place of the tooth. First imaginary friend. First real friend. First kiss. First sneeze and fart at the same time. First broken heart. First time you realize you’re getting old. First time you think about the future. First music lesson. First job. First accidental smacking of child in the head while using a hula hoop. First period. First lie. First time you drop your ice cream on the boy you like. First flight. First time getting punched in the stomach while in the halls at church by the crazy girl in mia maids. First time travelling on your own. First time chipping a tooth while playing sport. First time roaring out the window at a passing cyclist and causing an accidental dismount. First boyfriend. First love. First Dear John. First car accident. First time seeing snow. First time you realize you’re not as funny as you thought you were. First prank phone call. First pet. First time your dog eats all three of your sister’s chickens. First time you pee yourself laughing. First time you forget why you’re where you are. First time you miss someone. First wedding (and hopefully the last). First pregnancy. First time feeling baby kick inside you. First labour. First epidural. First time you are truly grateful for drugs. First time holding your new baby.

And soon enough it’s baby’s first birthday. And the cycle continues.

It’s his first birthday tomorrow. Don’t-let-me-screw-this-up!!

(Note, not my actual child, I just thought he was cute. Source)


  1. Cute post! Hope he has a happy birthday! (You will do great ;)

  2. So many firsts. (Glad I never chipped a tooth though) Before you know it, it will be his 21st!

  3. I had totally forgotten about the hula hoop!!! Teehee... Glad I got to experience some of those with you. Amazing post, definitely made me smile. Happy Birthday to baby N!!