Tuesday, December 20, 2011

You Better Watch Out

I ventured out of my house this last weekend to pick up a few things around town.

BIG mistake.

No store was safe from the mass hysteria of last minute Christmas shoppers. I'm always amazed at not only the numbers of procrastinators out and about, but also the panic they cannot hide, especially in the face of a half off sale.

It's no wonder some people ended up on the giving end of this list in year's past.

Here's to hoping your holiday shopping is done so you can avoid giving the "worst gift ever." Used spatula anyone?


  1. oh no! Dont tell me that lol I STILL haven't done mine. shame shame I know. :P

  2. Ha ha! I just finished mine yesterday. I am one of those procrastinators that loves the last minute holiday shopping! :)

  3. Time to find something in the cupboard and regift. hehe.