Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why I Am Saying No To Lashes

Women nit pick everything about ourselves:

Our hair is the wrong color.
Our hair is the wrong length.
Our eyebrows are the wrong shape.
Our noses are too wide/big.
Our faces need make-up.
Our teeth need whitening.
Our skin isn't dark enough.
Our weight isn't where we want it to be.
Our arms aren't toned.
Our nails are too brittle and short.
Our chest is too small.
Our six pack can't be seen.
Our hips are too wide.
Our butts are either too big or too small.
Our thighs touch.
Our calf muscles aren't there.
Our ankles are wide.
Our toes need painting.

AND LATELY...our lashes are too short and thin.

I've decided I'm not giving in to the lashes trend. Mainly because I thought my lashes were fine until everyone around me started to have SUPER long lashes instead of regular lashes like me.

It's not so much that lash enhancement (extensions or medication) itself is wrong or bad or over the top. I actually don't think it is if it's something you EVER thought about before it was a trend. It's the fact that one person did it, and now we all think we have to.

We don't.

I encourage all of you to take a stand against one trend in 2012 too. If for nothing else so that in years to come you can say,

"Yeah, I never did that."

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  1. I have recently been thinking about this same trend....and I may even post a little about it Wednesday. I think they are lame...unless your eyelashes burnt off in a freak accident or something. Then I can get behind the trend. But only then.