Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Vanity Plates

When I was old enough to read but young enough to not legally be allowed behind a steering wheel, I thought vanity plates were the icing on an adult's freedom cake.

I was sure that all the really cool adults had vanity plates and assumed I would grow up and get one too. One that said, "2COOL4U" or "SUPRHOT" ...and it would look awesome on my hot pink Jeep.

Yesterday I pulled up behind a flashy convertible with a vanity plate that said "JUSTWAXD." My first thought was, "wow that's gutsy" and then I remembered the ambitions of my youth. What has happened to me? Am I a boring stuffy curmedgeon? I need to loosen up people.

So I changed my tune to: "Good for you sir. We could all use a little spice and variety in our daily commute, thanks for spreading the cheer." (Yes, I do talk to other vehicles while driving...)

When I eventually get around to buying that new car, maybe I'll consider a vanity plate of my own. This one post-pregnancy should do the trick:

I'm open to suggestions. Remember, vanity plates can be a slippery slope to creepiness, so lets keep things family friendly.

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