Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The True Gym

You know when people are trying to decide on an organized religion and they go to several churches to decide which one is best? Then there are others who don’t want to shop around because they already know the church they go to is true. Well, I feel like the latter when it comes to choosing a gym. I have a rock solid testimony of the YMCA. It is the truest gyms of all the gyms. And I ought not to be trying out other gyms when I already know the YMCA is the best.

Thing is, I am in Utah for two months where there is no YMCA. I suppose I could have just opted out of exercise for two months, but exercise makes me happy. Not exercising makes me grumpy. It’s really in everyone’s best interest for me to work out. (Unless you like being yelled at, in public, by a grumpy mother of three.)

So, I headed over to what I thought was a close 2nd in the trueness of gyms. Gold’s Gym. They have childcare, fitness classes, weights, a pool, and cardio equipment. Seems nice right? Well, it ain’t as nice as it sounds. And after my experience there, I would like to help you understand why the YMCA is true and Gold’s Gym is not.

Truths about the YMCA

1.) Truth: Childcare at the Y is AWESOME.

2.) Truth: My children and I are greeted with a smile almost every day. (and sometimes a hug.)

3.) Truth: The employees know me and not just my barcode.

4.) Truth: I don’t have to make a reservation for childcare.

5.) Truth: I’m not charged $2 if I break a reservation because they don’t require you to make a reservation.

6.) Truth: They don’t play movies during childcare hours.

7.) Truth: The cardio equipment is cleaned and repaired regularly.

The list goes on but I’m already getting mad just writing about it and I have to face Gold’s gym tomorrow to work out so I better just suck it up. But let it be known, today and likely forever, that the YMCA is the true gym and Gold’s Gym is not.


  1. Not really a gym goer but sounds like you can never move back out to the west. Oh and you are here, would love to see you while you are here. When do you go back?

  2. Funny, exercising makes me grumpy and not exercising makes me happy. How about trying out the ol' local rec. center? Just kidding, then you'd really be fuming.