Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Thing About The Lockout

I like the Utah Jazz.  I really do. I like going to their games.  I like looking at Jazz paraphernalia. I will even occasionally watch a game on TV with the ol’ ball and chain.  Thing is, I swear the NBA season seem to last all. year. long. Which is entirely too long for any sport season to last.  Because when the season lasts all year long, that means I have to listen to Jazz talk all. year. long.  And I just can’t maintain my interest in one sport for 12 months.  I get bored.

So, when my husband told me there was a lockout, I smiled a little.  Not because our beloved players would be jobless for a while or because the big dogs were fighting about money.  Those things only make evil people smile.  I was smiling because I knew, that for at least a couple months, the men in my life (cough…husband…cough) would have to come up with something else to talk about besides the Jazz. 

But the Lockout is over now and the Jazz talk is creeping up again.  Which I can now be happy about because of the late start and a few months of art, literature and celebrity talk instead.  You see how good the lockout was for half hearted female fans around the nation?  So, on behalf of all the aforementioned women:

“Thank you NBA Lockout.  Thank you.”


  1. My husband calls the fact that the lockout ends on Christmas day, "the best gift anyone could have given him." I do talk Jazz, but it's too depressing now that they're terrible. And I was just about to cancel cable, (all our shows are online) but now I've been told I can't. And where's our eye candy now that Korver is gone?

  2. I am loving the lockout. Don't tell Jay. But seriously, does basketball just go on and on and on?