Monday, December 19, 2011

Never Say Never

One morning, many years ago, I was in the car with my mom, on my way to preschool. I brought up a few concerns I had about Santa Claus. Just regular kid questions like, "How can he fit down our chimney?", "What if our fire is going, will he burn up?", "How do the reindeer fly?". Well, my mom must have decided that I was old enough to know the truth...or she was just done trying to think up answers to all of my questions. She said, "Lindsay, Santa is not real. Dad and I buy the presents and put them under the tree. Santa is just for fun. But, please don't tell the other children at school today because their parents will be furious with me."

I was traumatized.

My world was over.

The sugar plum dreams that danced in my head were obliterated.

After a good long cry, I promised that I would NEVER do that to my own child. I would NEVER take his childhood dreams away by telling him that Santa was not real.

....Until last year. I felt about 27 months pregnant, I was swollen, I was irritable, and I was on bed rest. I was trying to get my then 2 and a half year old to give away some of his old toys. I told him that there were orphans all over the world that didn't have any toys and Jesus would want us to share our old toys. Well, that was not ok with him. He yelled, "I hate all of the orphans! I don't want to give my toys away! I don't like baby Jesus, I only like SANTA!".

So, that was enough of that. I told him that Santa wasn't real and that we have Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. He looked at me...then he glared at me....and then I knew I had done exactly what I said I would never do.

Luckily, he was only 2 and a half and doesn't remember a thing I said about Santa.


  1. Oh goodness! Glad he doesn't remember. It just isn't the same if the magic is gone. People will say that we lie to our children. I never did exactly, if they asked me those kinds of questions I would always turn it around on them..."well what do you think?" and they would babble on and forget they asked my opinion.

  2. I love a good 'way to torment your children' story.