Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho Ho Ho… I’m gonna get you!

Being my son’s first Christmas, I decided to take him for a picture with Santa. I'm such a good mummy. I was not at all worried, just stood in the line oblivious to the fact that lots of kids are scared of him. I just thought my easy going boy who is happy to be held by anyone, and generally a cheerful kid would love meeting the jolly old fella. Turns out he would have preferred being thrown in a tank full of sharks.

As I approached Santa, I felt the grip tighten. I felt his entire little body tense, and then he begun to let loose. Loud, fear filled screeching that you’d think only a banshee could muster. He took one look at that big, fat, hairy man and decided that there was no place like home.

I ended up paying $10 for the most hilarious Santa photo I have ever seen. In it, I am looking at my son attempting to persuade him that Santa is simply delightful (I think he thought delightful meant ‘axe murderer’), and Santa looking lovingly at him. But you don’t really notice any of these details because all you see is the screaming 11 month old, holding onto his mother for dear life (like a baby koala… claws and all) looking at Santa with what can only be described as morbid fear.

Thus, an internet search ensued to find pictures just as hilarious as mine.

Ahh...the ‘joy’ that Santa brings to children.

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