Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Better Left Unsaid

I read a very comical article (read it!) from a gigantic pregnant woman yesterday.That sounds mean of me to say, but I think she would agree.

Which brings me to the point of this article I read--some things you just shouldn't say to a pregnant woman.

And I think the reason why you have to be more careful during pregnancy is obvious..

Things like "whoa are you having twins?" and "how big are your stretch marks?" are probably not okay.

I'm all for saying nice things like the author of the article suggests, but...sometimes an obligatory compliment seems so misplaced. For instance, "you look great" doesn't really seem appropriate at this point of my life. I think I look great, but that is because I love having a baby belly, not because I think I'm skinny and don't need maternity clothes so who exactly are you trying to fool complimenter? Maybe I'll change my mind in 5 months and 35 pounds, but for now I just want people to give it to me straight--and maybe with a cookie.


  1. ya... I already have had 3 people ask me If I am "sure" I am not having twins. Then when I get a little further people start asking me when I am due and they will freak out when I tell them not for another 3 months. Its a viscous cycle. Although, I do think women who are pregnant do look great, there is a happiness and glow and tenderness about them. I think it is beautiful! So take those comments and run with it, the after body is what doesn't feel so beautiful... so enjoy your happy big belly that has a reason for being big :D

  2. Yeah, you know pregnancy has it's definite perks. I eat what I want when I want (within reason), gain weight without feeling the least bit upset, and yet everyone tells you how great you look. I'm with the last commenter just take the compliments as sincere because do you know when you don't get ANY compliments...after the baby comes! All compliments go to the baby (as well they should!)