Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best of Linz

At the end of August, PST was thrilled to welcome Linz to the family. I really didn't know how having two writers with the same name (Lindsay) was going to work out at first, but I think using her nickname has worked well because no one (not even my husband or family) has ever called me Linds (or Linz). I'm Lin to them. Weird.

Like usual, I digress.

Let's talk about what Linz has brought to the table in 2011; she boldly talked about boobs and criminals, and made us all cringe a little with her post about the serenade. Truly, I think she is our most talented story-teller. But my personal favorite post of hers has got to be this one where she brilliantly combines humor with sentiment and reminds us all of how wonderful it is to be barfed on every now and then.


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  1. She is my all time most favoritest Pear Shaped blogger in the whole wide world. And I may or may not have babysat her when she was a little girl. :)