Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Are Mormons Doing At a Beer Party?

I am just learning that Oktoberfest is basically a German Beer Party. I took about 4 years of German in Jr. High/High School, but when you take German in Utah taught by former Mormon Missionaries who served in Germany, you don't talk much about the drinking habits of Germans. (You don't learn much German either, but that's another post for another day.)

We were invited by our neighbors to their Oktoberfest party, and not really knowing what Oktoberfest was, we went. And took our children.

It was something to see our host scramble to find anything non-alcoholic in his house (seltzer water, San Pellegrino, an old Martinellis that was rather flat); they obviously didn't know they had invited Mormons.

Despite these hiccups we were having a great time chatting with our new neighborhood pals, some of which were young people with kids around the ages of my kids. My husband made a comment about serving his mission in a place one of our neighbors frequents on business; then he mentioned that he attended BYU. So yeah, I'm pretty sure they all knew we were Mormons. And we're from Utah and drinking water at a beer party, so you know, there you go.

I'm going to sound super cultured when I say that my husband has had a lot more experience than I have talking to and working with people not of our faith.

He chose to talk about his mission and his education (both make him sound interesting in a good way).

What did I choose to talk about?

When asked about my life in a new place with a new baby, I made the following statement:

"It's been very different than having a baby in Utah, because I usually have my sisters around to help."

That made me sound interesting in a not-so-good way. It wasn't until I got home and reviewed what I had said that the strange look I got from one of the neighbors when saying this made sense.


Of course I meant my actual sisters (who are very helpful, btw). The ones who share my parents and have husbands and kids of their own, but this may not have been clear to people who only know what they've seen on TLC.

I'm pretty sure that's the last party we're invited to.


  1. Bawhahahahaha! That is hilarious.

  2. Ha ha ha!! Well, maybe when we come you can introduce us to said neighbors, and they'll realize you're not actually a polygamist. Yeah, that Kody Brown is just disgusting.

  3. This one made me laugh hard. I am guilty of watching this show for the sheer craziness of it. And agreed - Kody Brown is gross.