Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Uggs! or Ugh...

I love this time of year and unpacking trendy and cozy clothes from hibernation.

I don't pretend to be the most fashion forward gal on the block, but it seems to me that Uggs have be "in" for quite some time...like longer than a normal "trend cycle." Am I right? I've been wearing them for about a decade.

I know the Ugg brand likes to keep things fresh every year adding new fur, pom-pom, rope, button, and leather embelishments, but I think they may have taken it a bit too far this year.

Their new advertising angle: Men in Uggs

I don't know what I think about this. 

I'm actually surprised it didn't catch on sooner. I know some of our husbands are willing to sacrifice style for comfort any day. My biggest concern is that I don't think men can be trusted to know the appropriate time and place to wear Uggs. 

Even darling Ben seems misguided. With a suit Ben? Really? 

This is too reminiscent of Crocks with suits at church. Gag.

It turns out I'm not supposed to be judgemental (says my Sunday School teacher this week), but if you didn't have that lesson, I'll post a few more pictures for you to decide and let me know...


  1. hahaha ohhh I could totally see Jeff in some. That would make my year. How funny. I honestly hadn't heard of the men in Ugg's thing till now. I think someone had better put a stop to that :P

  2. Please bless that this trend for men will pass quickly.

  3. Yeah, totally gagged at the pictures! Haha. First time I saw Uggs for guys was when my brother's ex-wife posted her yearly pictures of herself and their son, and the son was swearing Uggs! I, quite literally, yelled "NOOOOO!" At the computer!

  4. I haven't worn boots that weren't made by Doc Martens since I was a kid. I'm not about to start now.