Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pinterest: What's the Deal?

I’ve been hearing about Pinterest all over the place.  ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  I do have a basic understanding of it; a virtual pin board to post and share ideas with others and help you organize it all.  Sounds nice, right?  A good way to save time by being organized?  But then, I keep hearing these kinds of things about it:

“I’m addicted to Pinterest”
“Just spent three hours pinning” 
“Pinterest is my new diet coke”
“I’m IN LOVE with Pinterest”  (get a boyfriend, ladies.  They are way better.  And hotter. And sometimes rub your feet.)

(Also, I may have made up half of these quotes.)

So, I’m confused.  How is Pinterest going to save me time by helping me waste my time? And why would I want another addiction?  I already can't get off the sugar

I’m open to your opinion on it.  Please help me understand why I should/or should not join.   But it’s likely I will only join if bribed with money… or a nanny.  


  1. I Love Pinterest. Reasons why:

    -Helps me organize decorating ideas.
    -Helps to give me recipe ideas.
    -I find GREAT crafts to do

    Reasons why I don't like it:

    -I hate the posts of toned skinny girls that other women post as "inspiration" to achieve. Psh, just be happy the way you are. Get healthy and stop fixating on the skinnies.

    -Those who spend HOURS looking at ideas...but never making or doing anything about it.

  2. I like it for function only. It's a very handy tool...IF you need it.

    I just moved across the country had to completely refurnish my new place. That is where pinterest came in handy. It helped me organize all the stuff I wanted/need to buy and keep track of the best deals at different stores. But as far as just surfing around looking at other people's thanks.

  3. I signed up for it then was too overwhelmed by it to figure it out. I don't need another thing on the internet to use up my time. Plus, it would take away from the minutes I can use toward celebrity gossip.

  4. Join so your husband doesn't get mad about all the random pictures of craft ideas you put on the desktop but never organize into folders and that sit there for months without being looked at again.

  5. ditto last comment! i want it just to appease my husbands disdain for my accumulation of snapshots all over our desktops.