Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Name Game

I'm picking out baby names.

It is so much harder than I anticipated! As it turns out this baby is going to be a REAL person and I have to live with whatever name I pick, and so does that real person. Also, my husband has an opinion (as does every family member, friend, and newly acquired neighbor).

I like the option to search by nationality of origin. I wondered, what names are truly, originally American?

How about L-a or J-a. (la-dash-a, ja-dash-a)

Or Abcde (any ideas on how this is pronounced? Ab-sid-ee? Abee-ceedee)

It turns out when you live in a country where everyone came from somewhere else, all the names are taken and you have to get really creative to be unique (or literally Unique).

Here are some of my favorites: Chakaluka (how is this American?), Espn, Humvee, Lol, Modesty (why hasn't this one hit Utah?), Pansy (doesn't this have a negative connotation?), and Moon-unit.


  1. You're on top of it! I only have 9 weeks left and I haven't even picked out a name - although I'm really digging Modesty.

  2. There's a pretty entertaining portion of Freakonomics discussing baby names.

  3. Abcde is pronounced ab-sid-ee, like you said. My sister did registration at an elementary school where a little girl had this name. Poor kid. You could also go with Lemonjello or orangejello (pronounced le-MON-jeh-lo and o-RAHN-jeh-lo). Good luck! I have 14 weeks left and I swear my husband and I will never agree on a name. Hopefully your husband isn't trying to name your child after a sub-par current BYU quarterback... :)

  4. Baby names are the best! It was so much fun to see all the crazy names. We try staying off the top 100 or 200 lists but are also adamant about not just "making up" names. It's definitely hard to be unique without being strange.

  5. Here's my two cents...name your child what YOU want. Don't listen or share names with anyone dumb enough to tell a pregnant woman anything but, "That's really cute" or "I really like that."

    As far as the husband goes, I hope that with every veto there is a suggestion. That's what I told Paul. He could only take a name off the list if he had a suitable replacement.

    Good luck!

  6. I'm with Lindsay on this one. Name you kid whatever the heck you want. You birthed them. And your husband kicked in a few chromosomes so I suppose he gets a say too :)