Friday, November 18, 2011

A Language Lesson

It wasn't until I started contributing to this blog that I realised how many strange Australian slang words I use in my everyday speech. I really have to control myself as I write! When I proof reading (and trust me you’re glad I do!) I frequently go back and change words that I am certain no one (except the few Australian readers) will understand. Thus, today we have a language lesson. I'll start with words I've wanted to use, and have had to change, and continue with others that I will likely want to use in the future. Enjoy!

Nappy: This is the Australian word for diaper. No idea why, it’s just a nappy. “I’m going to go and change Tom’s nappy.”

Dummy: A binky (you know, the thing a baby sucks on). “Why does your three year old still suck a dummy?”

Uni: University/College. “I went to uni for 4 years and still know nothing!”

She’s apples: Not a problem. “Oh, you accidentally elbowed me in the head with your massive chicken wings? She’s apples.”

Dodgy: Something a little bit wrong. “That dress is a bit dodgy. Don’t wear it.”

Feral: Something gross. “Honey, brush your teeth! Your breath is feral!”

Give it a burl: Try something. “Belly dancing? Sure, I’ll give it a burl!”

Togs: Swimming costume. “I’ll get my togs on and go for a swim in the pool.”

Olds: Parents. “Let’s eat dinner with the olds tonight, honey.”

Up oneself: Conceited. “That model is really up himself.”

Yabber: Talk a lot – precisely what we do on this blog. “We all just yabber on about this and that!”


  1. This just makes me miss you more. : )

  2. I have an Australian friend and I kept wondering why she was calling her kid a dummy. Finally figured out it was the word for pacifier not her child :) Ha!

  3. Would it be kosher for an American to use these terms? Because I really want to :) Especially Dummy.

  4. Hilarious! My mom (from Australia but has lived in the US for 30+ years) uses some of these terms. I totally remember her calling my brother's friend a drongo ;) Sometimes my husband laughs at things she says that I am just used to and don't even realize are different. I agree - "dummy" is pretty funny and I don't think my parents would like me to call them the "olds." I may have to give it a try - I'll just tell them Katrina said it's Australian :)