Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Rules

I think the best part about holidays are the traditions. They are some of the secure things in life that you can count on being the same year after year--turkey, stuffing, stockings included. They can make your family feel special.

One funny aspect of traditions I've begun to question in my adult life is certain "holiday rules." There are a lot of them--we open ALWAYS one present on Christmas Eve, we don't open ANY presents until Christmas morning, we never spell Christmas "x-mas", and so on.

I grew up with a grandma who always "tsk, tsked" when we drove past a store window in November that had Christmas scenes painted on it. "What a shame" she'd say, "they don't even allow time to be thankful." I was sure that these stores and people who put up their trees before December were, well, evil.

I have put my Christmas tree up in November for the last three years. (Being an adult is so liberating, though I do feel like it's a guilty pleasure). And here is what I have to say to all those "tsk, tskers" (including my Grandma last week)...

"Why can't I be thankful for Christmas during Thanksgiving?"

What are your unbreakable holiday rules or rules that you love to break?

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