Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Guilt: The Great Motivator

Once upon a time I worked for a Salesman.  One of those Salesmen.  I liked him, I really did, but truth is, we did NOT mesh well.  He tried to motivate me the same way you motivate any salesman....via competition.  Which, for me, doesn’t work.  AT ALL.  Competition just brings out evil Jami.  If you want results from this busy bee,  the sure fire way to success is guilt.  (Disclaimer:  I still worked hard for him.  But it wasn’t the girl-from-“Enchanted”-cleaning-the-house kind of hard work.  The pleasantry wasn’t bursting at the seams.)

If we take a look back at my life and see where guilt got me compared to competition, I can show you how much better a motivator guilt truly is. 

Competition-based motivation

1.)   High School Drill Team-  Let’s just say we never won anything better than a 9th place trophy.  (Can you believe they even give out 9th place trophies??)

2.)   Playing “Settler of Catan”- I once threatened Linz’s husband with something so scary he almost wet himself.  (okay, not really, but I was less than kind to him.  Much, much less.)

3.)   Third Grade Girls Bathroom- Upon entrance to the bathroom a friend dared me to climb over the bathroom stall doors.  Which landed me on a seat… the teacher’s office. 

Guilt-based motivation

1.)   Life at Home- After sternly speaking at my three-year-old and giving him that “I mean business” look, he says to me all sweet and three-year-old like, “I’m sorry Mom.  Just don’t look at me with those strange eyes again.”  Result:  REPENTANCE!!  And less yelling.

2.)   Family History- I’ll tell you what, I'm always feeling guilty after a good dose of general conference.  Thankfully, it’s all for the better.  Result:  This time, they got me going on some family history.

3.)   Breakfast time- One day (okay, several days) I ate a hot dog for breakfast and/or cookies.  Guilt-based motivation Result:  I ate a salad for lunch ;)

I was going nowhere, fast, with that competition crap.  But with a little guilt, my future looks brighter than ever J

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  1. Sadly, I don't think I am motivated by competition or guilt. I'm not sure what motivates me. Brownies and ice cream, I'm pretty sure.