Friday, November 11, 2011

The Great Toy Conspiracy

As we lead up to Christmas, there is more and more advertising about the type of toys I desperately need to effectively entertain and educate my child. I’m getting the remains of a thousand trees in my mail box every day. Stores selling brands like Fisher Price, Leap Frog, Playskool all vying for our Christmas dollar. They try to convince us that we need them, but do we?

Let’s look at this. What is the best toy? What will entertain my child and allow him to learn problem solving, motor skills and other important things at his young age? It’s a tough choice.

My child, like many, is difficult to entertain with just any normal toy. It’s not that he doesn’t like toys. He’s happy to watch me play with them for about two minutes, but if I leave him to play independently he is done in even less time… maybe three seconds.

Here are some images of things he does enjoy playing with:

Do these teach him important skills? Sure! It’s very important for a child to know how to use a vacuum and broom. It teaches them gross motor skills and to be clean. Cleanliness is close to godliness! Using a saucepan and spoon as a drum will not only teach him music but also give him an early interest in cooking. And surely playing with and attempting to bite our dog’s tail is teaching him to be kind and gentle with animals.

I guess these may not be the most sophisticated of toys, but they are most certainly effective child entertainers.

So sorry Fisher Price. We won’t be needing you this year.


  1. So true! Go baby N! :D Great post, yet again. My boys were, and still are, the same way. :D

  2. And think of all the money you just saved :)

  3. You left out the boxes and wrapping paper...I am amazed at how much pleasure they get from simple things!

  4. so bubble wrap would be a good christmas present this year? lol

  5. ha ha yeah ,

    I love bubble wrap too. Sometimes I spend more money on it that what I'm wrapping! Ha silly popping noise. I step on it too with my slippers on when no one is looking. pop pop pop!!! all day long. Snout.