Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As a dweller on one of the continents that does not celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d like to share with you my few, but wonderful, Thanksgiving experiences.

I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving twice in America. One I spent at a friend’s house where we ate all kinds of foods I’d never eaten before. Like green bean casserole.

What in the world is that? And you can’t even imagine what I was thinking when I saw a huge bowl of stuffing on the table. What is that for? Taxidermy? Anyway, I recovered from these initial reactions and found it all quite delicious! Even the green bean casserole, which I still think is random. This was also the first time I tried pumpkin pie… but that my friends was pure blasphemy.

If there’s no pumpkin pie in heaven, I’ll be highly unimpressed.

The other time I celebrated Thanksgiving, my husband and I had just arrived in America a few days earlier for a 28 day must-visit-as-many-places-as-possible-while-spending-as-little-money-as-possible trip. During Thanksgiving, we stayed in my husband’s mission president’s son’s Brooklyn apartment. He was out of town so this allowed us free accommodation close to New York City. There, we visited a nearby grocery store and bought bread, sliced turkey, tomatoes, and lettuce. Voila, Thanksgiving sandwiches!

My other Thanksgiving experiences involve watching, at any time of the year, episodes of television shows airing their Thanksgiving episode. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Mad About You, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc. They all have them. And we get to see them. But strangely enough, they usually don’t line up with the calendar on Thanksgiving.

And this year, seeing the ‘month of thanks’ or other Thanksgiving related facebook posts which made me appreciate life just a little more.

What are some of your favourite (yes, favourite has a U in this country) Thanksgiving experiences?

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