Monday, November 14, 2011


I always appreciate getting an invitation to something that says, “A light lunch will be served”. Or, “Please join us for finger food and fun!”. To me this is code for, “You are probably going to starve”. This is when I literally stuff my face before I get there. Sometimes I even take a snack for the drive there. That way I can enjoy the light lunch without worrying if I will look emaciated by the time I get home.

What I don’t appreciate is showing up to something and a light lunch is served and I didn’t know so I came hungry. I’m always too embarrassed to go back to the food table too many times. By the way, how many times is too many? Two, three, seven? And because of my embarrassment I just sit there and think about how hungry I still am….until I find my kid’s emergency stash of goldfish in my purse and then I ration them out for the remainder of the party.

A few months ago I went to a wedding. It was nothing short of AWESOME. Yes, the ceremony was lovely, overlooking the White House and the Washington Monument, the bride looked radiant, the music was exceptional, but it was the food that tipped the scale (pun intended) towards heaven. I knew they were serving dinner, but I had no idea about the appetizers. And not just any appetizers; jumbo shrimp, chicken kabobs, cheeseburgers…..none of that sissy cheese and crackers crap. Then they served dinner. Right after the appetizers. No waiting. I can’t even explain how happy I was. You know how most people hate feeling really full? I think that is when I feel most content.

You would think I grew up in a third world country and that I was afraid of starving. Maybe this is the product of being the 7th child?


  1. I enjoy good food. I mean don't we all? You are too funny. :)

  2. I love that you posted this! I think I might be Gluttonous (Sp?) as well. Last night I was over indulging on a treat I had just made and feeling way overstuffed already and asked my husband if he thought I was gluttonous? He kindly gave me a reason why I wasn't and in my head I thought he is just saying that to be nice. I am without a doubt! Just glad to know I am not the only one =)