Monday, November 28, 2011

Embezzled by an 8 year old

What is it with all of the elementary school fundraisers? I remember doing a bake sale here and there as a kid, but now there are fundraisers for everything! Except they aren't fundraisers where the kids work for it, like a car wash, or a lemonade stand. They just bring a catalog by your house and stand there expecting you to pay $20 for a roll of wrapping paper.

Our little neighbor comes by each fall with his school catalog. I am always apprehensive to buy something. I never know if what I buy will actually appear. I wasn't always so skeptical. There is a reason for my paranoia.

My husband and I lived in Provo while he was at BYU the first two years of our marriage. We lived in a ghetto little apartment just barely able to afford rent and tuition. One day a sweet little girl knocked on our door. It was freezing out and she didn't have a coat on. I asked her where her coat was and she shrugged. I asked her where her mom was and she pointed down to the courtyard of the building. So, I invited her in while I looked at the catalog. She gave me the whole spiel about how she wanted to sell the most to win the big prize at the end. I felt so bad for her that I knew I had to buy something. So I wrote her PTA a check for $15 for a teeny tiny candle. I felt satisfied knowing I helped her toward her goal and I was excited for my new candle. Well, weeks went by and no sign of the little girl, or my candle.

Then, one day, I was pulling up to my apartment complex after work and there she was. Out by the street (with a coat on this time, mind you) with a little yard sale set up selling all of the things people bought from her catalog!! Candles, wrapping paper, kitchen goods, Christmas decorations...the works. I was ticked. I decided to be mature and not confront her. She put on a good show. A sad little girl with no coat. She played everyone. Sneaky little thing.

Now that I look back on it, I realize I am kind of proud of her for actually working for her money. Given, it was dirty money she earned, but nonetheless, she was putting in a good effort.

However, Starla (if that's even your real name), if you are reading this, you owe me $15.


  1. That's awful! Shame on you Starla. I once bought some chocolate chip cookie dough from our little neighbor. Not only did he deliver me the wrong flavor (sugar cookie dough - blech) but he left it out on the side of our house in the hot summer sun. I had no idea how many days it had been out there, so into the garbage it went.

  2. As Cannon would say, "SUCKER!" Thanks to my mom we are enjoying that word almost daily.

  3. You were bamboozled I say! Bamboozled!