Saturday, November 12, 2011

DWTS: The Only Reason To Become Famous

This is officially the single most embarrassing post I've done on this blog. And that's saying something, especially with gems like this to compete with. So without further ado:

I'm 99% satisfied with my life. I wake up each day happy to be me, living the life I live. Yep, I'm all smiles until Monday night. Because on Monday night there's 1% of me that wishes I were famous.

Because if I were famous, there would be a chance that I could go on this show:

On the surface, I really hate Dancing With the Stars. There's a campy host, staged talking heads, and the professional dancers are more famous than most of the "stars." I've never even heard of half the cast before they are on this show. Not to mention all the spray tans going on, and that's not the only fake thing you'll see (if you catch my drift).

I nearly turn it off every week, but then I see this guy dance...

And suddenly, I have this weird daydream that he could turn me into a ballroom dancer, sequens, spray tan, and all (except the "fake" stuff I mentioned before). Of course, he's the only partner I'll accept, because everyone else on the show fails miserably in comparison.

So my question to you is this:

Does writing for this blog make me famous enough for ABC to want to put me on this show? Because I'm pretty sure that everything else I do (picking up my kid at school, cleaning my house, going to the store, making dinner, etc.) puts me safely in the "not famous" category.

I mean really, do you know who any of these former cast members are?

Well, neither do I.

So if they're considered "stars," why not consider a 30 year-old, mom of three, who writes for a snarky Mormon blog for women? Makes total sense, right?


  1. Really?!?! Dancing with the Stars? I thought I knew you better Lindsay...I personally feel that this is one of the worst shows on television. (nothing personal.) Now "Wipeout", there a show I can get behind :) Let's still be friend though.

  2. That Derek Hough; what a choreographer! I can't say I've watched much this season, but I'm pretty sure if he can turn Ricki Lake into a fabulous ballroom diva, you and I would also have a shot.