Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Utah County's Best Kept Secret

Lean in close, here it is: The best time to shop Costco is Saturday during conference.

I am in no way advocating skipping conference... unless, of course, you are a fan of:

  • close parking spots
  • visiting the produce fridge without having to play bumper carts
  • unimpeded access to all the free samples (no waiting!)
  • getting through the check-out line in 5 minutes flat
  • being present for the biannual swap in LDS vs non-LDS population at Costco. Remember the 1% in Utah County who aren't LDS? If you'd like to meet them, this is the time and place.
You do know that conference sessions are streamed live and they are available immediately for play back, rewinding, fast forwarding and screen shot-ing your husband who may or may not have sung in the choir? Yes. It's true. You don't even have to wait until the next day. Again, I'm not saying you should skip conference...but if you do, you have options.

I've benefited from these little pieces of advice for the last two sessions now, and I'm finally ready to share. I'm still working on that whole selfishness problem. 

Also, here is the next part of the secret:

The worst time to ever be at Costco is on a conference Saturday when the sessions aren't playing.

Just ask all the employees. WORST. TIME. OF. THE. YEAR.

Especially after a session that talks about preparedness.


  1. Did you take some pass-a-long cards :)

  2. That's true! Get the rest of them baptized and you could have the place to yourself! :)