Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tis the Dress Skanky

We all know that Halloween is an "excuse" for women to dress sparingly. However, hailing from a place where October can have freezing temperatures I don't see it much. But as I was perusing the Internet looking for a costume this year I saw that they have skantified almost anything you can imagine.

I've watched more Star Trek than I'd like to admit (thanks dad), but I don't recall any of the outfits looking like this. Captain Picard wouldn't allow it.

We all know that if you really wanted to look like a Power Ranger for Halloween you would wear this...

But if you wanted to draw more attention to your, ahem, self you could wear this - complete with a strategically placed hole in the front.

I've read Alice in Wonderland twice and watched the movie countless times. Somehow I don't remember Alice ever being a hoochie-mama.

Oh great, now we're dragging innocent insects into this?

Really? Candy?

These people will stop at nothing...including skunks.

This is what I ended up ordering:

Okay, not really.

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