Monday, October 3, 2011

Sugar and Spice, But Are They Really Nice?

Maybe it’s because I already have 2 little boys, or maybe it’s because I have 3 sisters, but I am absolutely pee-my-pants-terrified of having a daughter. I have no idea why something so small and adorable could be so petrifying. All I know is that it is scary enough for me to consider not having any more babies.

People always ask me if I would be sad to never have a little girl to dress up. Well, let me tell you something, if all a child required was to be dressed each day, I would already have like 11 kids. BUT, kids require a lot more than just being a stand-in for your Cabbage Patch doll.

Maybe I just don’t want a daughter because I love my one night alone each year during the father-son campout. Or maybe I just plain like being the only girl and getting spoiled. Selfish? Absolutely.

Daughters seem to require more sensitivity. I hate to admit, but I have been called tactless, abrasive and downright mean. I’m not sure I could trust myself to be a very understanding mother. Boys grow up and keep to themselves. They keep their emotions inside. You just have to feed them. I remember coming home after getting dumped for the first time and sobbing for hours while my mom and sister got me cool washcloths for my puffy eyes. Could I do the same for my daughter?

Have you ever seen Peter Pan? My absolute fear is that I will have a bossy, know-it-all daughter like Wendy. Shoot! I’m a bossy, know-it-all.

Ok, maybe my fear is that she will just be exactly like me. Yikes.


  1. I could not agree with you more!! Honestly! Deathly afraid. I agree on the "dress up" thing too. Really people? haha. Great post!

  2. The picture on this post makes it. Creeeepy

  3. The whole "dressing up your daughter" thing is nice, but not all it's really cracked up to be. If anything, it's just one more thing to stress us out. I already I have to figure out my own outfit which is complicated enough, now I have to figure out something adorably cute for you too! I'm stressed out just thinking about it!

  4. I have to say, I adore my little girl. I cannot imagine my life without her.

  5. Don't dig on the girls! Nic has been a true blessing and ally in my world filled with testosterone.

  6. There was a time I would have agreed with you, but nearly three daughters later, I only have three things to say:

    1. Potty Training--girl's care, boys don't
    2. No scouting-- good luck to you when YOU earn your Eagle multiple times.
    3. Clean bathrooms--boys pee all over the place.

    I feel lucky to have my little ones who sit quietly and color during sacrament meeting, like to shop, and will even sit down and watch a Jane Austen movie with me at the ripe old age of 5. I really don't look at it as a "have to" dress them or decorate their room, I look at it as a "get to".

    And one more thing...I've never had to put any kind of gadget on my cupboards to keep them out. They just stay out when asked. That's why everyone needs a girl every now and then.