Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shirtless Men

Today, I saw not 1, not 2, but 3 shirtless men running (not together because that's a little creepsies, but separately).

Where was I, you ask? Hanging out at a place of ill repute?

Taking my daughter to school, going to the grocery store, and heading to Costco.

I used to think there were two types of publicly partial nudes:

Hotty Heroes

Those who have a smokin' bod, know they have a smokin' bod, and want the world to know about how smokin' their bod is. Most likely they have some sort of tattoo somewhere on that upper bod to draw even more attention to their smokin' bod.

Former Hotty Heroes

Those who used to have a smokin' bod, still think they have a smokin' bod, and still feel they have to prove to the world that their body is smokin' hot. And yes, they still have their tattoo because those things just don't go away.

However, my opinion changed about 5 years ago when I first headed to the East Coast. Those were different times...the husband and I were just "the husband and I" living it up in a big city together, seeing the sites, and eating out at least twice per week. It was during this time (and only this time) that we decided to exercise together. So one morning we went for a run. The thing about the weather and my two teams (The EAST and the WEST) is that even when the temperature is the same, it's not the same. The East is way warmer feeling. Not only that but the temperature doesn't ever cool off at night:

Today's high here: 77 degrees
Today's low here: 69 degrees

Today's high in Utah: 75 degrees
Today's low in Utah: 45 degrees

See what I mean? You can imagine what the summer does to that temp too. It goes WAY up. So we're running, in the summer heat, struggling and sweating profusely. About half-way through our run, I looked over, and guess who was shirtless? That's right.

The husband.

And guess who would have been shirtless if it was at all an option?


The Moral of the Story: We all learn compassion differently, and that day I learned that even the shirtless deserve not to be judged. So today when I saw my shirtless friends, I just thought, "Good for you."

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  1. My husband used to be muscular when he was 16 but has definitely lost his tone in married/college years. When he runs, if he feels like he's going to die he takes off his shirt, because it forces him to keep going. You never see a shirtless, shoeless (he runs barefoot) guy just walking down the road, right? At least that is his reasoning, he in no way wants to show off his lack of a six pack. So I hear ya, no judging ladies, no judging ;)