Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Perfect Mom

I was going to be one of those perfect moms...

My child was going to always eat a well balanced son ate popcorn for dinner last night.

I was never going to be a hypocrite...after months of telling my son not to bite, I bit his finger after he stuck it in my mouth for the umpteenth time.

Temper tantrums were never going to get the best of me...sometimes you'll do anything for a little peace and quiet.

My child would not need to be driven around in a car seat, placed on a clothes dryer, or any other odd thing to get him to fall I'll do whatever it takes.

I was going to wean my child of thumb sucking by the time he was 6 I encourage it during nap time.

My child was not going to be whiny...and then I found out that whining is what they excel at between the age of 2 and 3 (or 18?).

Yes, I was going to be one of those perfect moms...and then I became a mom.



  1. Hey, I was going to be a perfect mom, too! :) Isn't it amazing how perspective changes everything :)

  2. yeah, the whining never stops. I mean, I'm 29 and I'm still poor mother.

  3. I was the perfect mom. MUAHHHAAAA!!!