Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Top 5 Post-Baby Survival Strategies

If you're reading this now, I've most likely just arrived home from the hospital with a new baby in tow. (More on this to come).

I can't imagine how tired I am.

This predated post is part of my nesting. You know, getting things ready for "those" weeks ahead...the newborn fog that I will be in for quite some time. I don't know that you can ever quite be totally prepared for the way a 6 to 10 lb. child will rock your world, but this week I have been frantically doing my best.

Because this is my third child, I know (and yet DON'T know) that if you get through these weeks with your sanity, health, and your house, husband, and kids still in one piece, you have succeeded. It really is "just about survival..." seriously.

With this in mind, I'm going to share some of the tips I have come up with to hopefully survive, and just that, because this isn't the time to be prideful:

1. The Frozen Food Section of Costco
We all know that frozen food isn't as good as fresh food. We aren't fools. But we also know that frozen food is probably (not always) more healthy than a Wendy's drive-thru. Plus you don't have to get anyone in the car to get to it if you stock up, and there's relatively no cooking involved. This can be a golden relief to you when your baby has to be fed, has a blowout, is colicky, etc right at dinner time. Trust me, at least one of the these scenarios WILL undoubtedly happen to you.

If you haven't just moved into a new place and have an extra boost of gusto, you can prepare and freeze your own home-cooked meals in advance, but I'm here to tell you that when you freeze lasagna, it just doesn't taste the same. I've learned from experience.

P.S. Your ward meals (love them!) only last about 2 to 3 nights. Don't be counting on feeling up to cooking in 2 to 3 days.

2. Weekly Clothing Scheduler
This is one I've never tried before, but I'm giving it a go this time. I bought a cheap one of these, hung it in my girls' closet, labeled it Monday through Saturday, checked out the weather forecast and have been filling it accordingly. My theory? I'm going to need help getting them all ready in the morning before school. If I do the clothes planning in advance when I have a spare minute, the husband just has to find the corresponding day, and he can make sure they are dressed. (Or if I get them dressed, I won't have to think about what they are wearing after a hard night).

We all remember this right? Sure, you let a lot of things go during these weeks, but seeing your 5 year-old head off to Kindergarten in flood pants and a pajama shirt, may just put you over the edge mentally. It's all about avoiding break-downs.

3. Paper Products Aren't Just For Picnics

Wasteful? Pricey? A little bit white trash?


Easy clean up...ABSOLUTELY. Once again, this isn't the time to be prideful. I stocked up on paper products because there is something golden about not having to do dishes, especially when your laundry duty has doubled (newborns spit up on everything...burp cloths, bibs, blankets, sheets, their clothes, your clothes, etc.).

My sister frequently takes a Costco sized bag of paper plates to people as a "bringing home baby" gift. She says they often give her a funny look, but then a few days later, they call her to thank her.

4. Clorox Wipes ARE Your Deep Cleaning

I don't usually buy these because I think you can get a better result with dish soap and a wash rag for a fraction of the cost, but ONCE AGAIN, there are times. It's very convenient to place a tub of these at random places in the house (bathroom, kitchen, near your eating area) to use when you have a minute. During these weeks, you may not remember when the last time you deep cleaned your toilet was, but if it's scummy and bugging you, you can do a quick wipe down conveniently with one of these. Plus, they are 100% husband friendly. I've even "foot mopped" my bathroom with several of these. Right now, we aren't shooting for "spotless"; we're shooting for "sanitary."

(Why do I choose Clorox wipes over others? The low-streak formula can be used on glass. Otherwise, they're all about the same.)

5. Portable Entertainment

After much deliberation, I've decided to give nursing a go (don't hold me to this...I could be done by the time this post comes out). I'm not sure that me, sitting in a chair for an hour at a time every 2 hours is going to be okay with my 3 year-old. Especially when her social director (my 5 year-old) is at school all day. She is going to need something to distract her at first if this is ever going to work. So, I plan on having the portable DVD player that we use on vacations right there next to the rocker ready to go if she needs a distraction.

Do I normally just throw on a show every time she acts up? Well, I probably do it more than I should, but to avoid us all ending up in tears (again, the fewer the break-downs the better), I'm going to give myself a break on this one. Again, this is no time for guilt over things like this.

So, did any of this make a difference?

Stay tuned.


  1. Bookmarked.I'll also be interested in the update and any advice you have on the 1st born. I'm seriously considering that clothes planning idea...for myself. I hate having to pick out what to wear in the morning (especially right now out of garbage bags and boxes).

  2. Fantastic ideas! Hope everything went well!

  3. These are awesome!!! Definitely taking notes for the one day we decide to add a third kiddo. Congrats!!

  4. We're home and while I am in a little bit of baby euphoria, I did in fact give up on nursing about the time this post came out! Disregard tip number 5 unless you are one of the stalwarts out there! After 2 nights of only sleeping around 30 minutes total, I hung up the nursing bra! More on this to come.