Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Melting Pot

Speaking with a friend some time ago we discussed the diversity of our city.  She hails from the diversity rich University that is Yale.  I hail from the cookie cutters of Utah Valley.  Now, that isn’t to say there is no diversity in Utah, because if you ever talk to people, EVER, you’ll realize that no two people are exactly alike.  Even in Utah.  It’s fairly common knowledge.  Besides that, I really like Utah and how lots of people are similar there.  (So don’t go hatin’ on Utah, you Utah haters.)  But truthfully, I rarely (and I mean pretty much never) saw black people, middle eastern women with traditional head scarves, or Jewish neighbors walking to their worship services whilst there.  I did see plenty of fake (or possibly real) big boobs, but you’ll see those anywhere J

So, when I came to Virginia I felt a little bit out of my element.  I have never seen such a unique and diverse culture.  Stay-at-home dads at story time, Egyptian women taking care of my kidlets at the gym, AND more that two female doctors to choose from, just to name a few.   It is spectacular!  And when I’m walking around the mall with three kids in tow, I’m practically Ms. Diversity herself!  (I should get a sash). And Super Woman to boot!  (You know I’d be glanced right over with only three kids in Utah.  So, I’m reveling in the super stardom of mom-ness while I can).  I see a lot more piercing here too.  And, although it brings diversity, I am not quite fan of it.  Being brought to the attention of complete strangers' nose hairs via one of those nose barbells isn’t my favorite thing.  

My friend, however, is less than impressed by the diversity here, citing Yale as much more diverse.  The environmentalist and gun activist must be camping out together up there to make her statement true.  Which, it probably is true and I totally believe her because, after all, she went to Yale J 

What kinds of things make your city diverse?


  1. You obviously didn't go to Weber State University;) I saw blacks, middle eastern women with headscarves, jewish people, oriental people, and more...that's just on campus!

  2. The place I live is very diverse. Some people are men, some are women. Some are old, some are young. Some have church at 9, some at 11...