Friday, October 7, 2011



Let me firstly interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to quickly introduce myself.

I’m Katrina, a new contributor here at Pear Shaped Thoughts. I’m a young (ish) mother with a studly husband who goes out saving the world everyday. I live in Brisbane, Australia and love this country like vampires love blood. I also have an unprecedented love for chocolate, long hair (do I mean on my head or on my legs?), and DIY projects. I am thrilled to be able to share some of my random thoughts with all of you!

And now, back to the show…

My eight month old has a cold. Along with the cold has come a copious amount of boogers, whining, and night wakings. I understand that when babies get sick they will wake you up in the night, but what I don’t understand is why men don’t hear it.

(NB: Not an actual picture of my husband)

I’m a pretty heavy sleeper. Thunderstorm? Tsunami? Meteor shower? I’ll probably sleep right through it. My husband on the other hand was a light sleeper. I say was because I’m talking pre-baby. He used to wake up if I rolled over, coughed, or poked him furiously in the shoulder… unintentionally, of course.

So what is it about a woman going through child birth that turns a man into a comatose sleeper? When the screaming banshee down the hall begins his nightly crying session, I wake up almost instantly. Me. Remember? I’m the one who would have slept through World War II. The husband on the other hand, doesn’t bat an eyelid. Just keeps right on sleeping.

When the baby woke up for the fourth time the other night at 4am, I just couldn’t do it! So I shook, poked, and annoyed my husband until he arose from his man-coma to ask him to get up. When he returned to bed about a half hour later, he said “At least he only woke up once – He made it to 4am.”

For a second I wasn’t sure what he meant. Did he really think this was the first time the baby had woken? When understanding dawned, I lost it. Laughed uncontrollably. “Oh darling, you have no idea.”

Man-coma strikes again.


  1. This is funny because I was talking to some women about this a couple of days ago and one lady said after 20 years of marriage, her husband finally admitted he always woke up when the babies did - he just pretended he was asleep. That makes WAY more sense! :) Glad to see you joining the bunch! Love this blog!

  2. So happy to see you on here, Katrina! Great post about something oh so true!!

  3. LOVE this because it is SO true! So good to see you on here Katrina!

  4. It's not that we don't hear the crying. We just think the child could use some time to himself in order to build character. I am only giving my son valuable time to himself when he wakes up at night and I choose to keep sleeping. If my wife can't offer that to him, then that's her issue, not mine. (And I proffer this comment with only a little bit of snark.;)

  5. Character building! I love it. We should have the mens' counter-opinions around here more often.

  6. I'll let you in on a little secret....He's faking sleep. My husband admitted it years later.

  7. I read a study that listed the type of noises men wake to and the noises that wake women - they were slightly different - different vibration or frequency - dang it I say what an excuse - ken got out of cring for the lid because I would figure I'm awake so what's the point if physically having to shove him awake - then both of us would be up !!! Arrrggggg - Bobbie

  8. Welcome aboard Katrina! Great Post!