Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Howdy Neighbor

When you move into a new home, how do you meet your neighbors? Some people bring over a plate of cookies, stop by and knock on the door, or introduce themselves to passing strollers.

I don't know if there is a "right way" to do this (though there are how-to's out there), but I'm pretty sure we discovered the "wrong way."

The morning after we moved in, my husband strolled in from outside with a newspaper in his hand. After reading it all he asked, "Hey dear, do some people get a lot of extra newspapers on purpose?"

Me: "Uh, yes. Especially on Sunday for couponing.

Him: "Well, it looks like our neighbor is into that. You should see if she can show you how."

Me: (Looking up from cooking). "Did you take that newspaper off her driveway?"

Him: (Silence). "What should I do? I didn't know.

Me: "You should definitely roll it back up in the bag and put it back on her driveway...after I read the funnies."
Which he then did, but after she had already picked up all her other newspapers.  Awkward...?

So here is my bit of advice for the day, when moving in to a new place, try to refrain from stealing your neighbors things... especially if they are on the HOA board and especially on Sundays.  Stealing is never right, but I think it's probably more wrong on Sunday. 

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